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roompad guest hospitality platform

The vision behind roompad.

roompad is the intelligent hospitality platform that simplifies processes and provides guest data in real-time. All hotel services can be adapted to the individual needs of hoteliers and its guests. Hereby, it is possible to merge the in- and outdoor interests of the guest. Therefore, guests can be accompanied optimally as well as fed with targeted information and offers during pre-stay, current stay and post-stay

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1:1 personalized
guest interaction

The guest hospitality platform enables you to configure and control personalized guest interactions. All of your data will be merged in real-time to form a data base which allows you to understand the needs of your guests even better. Thus, you can provide them with suitable and personalized Content at all times.

  • Learn more about your guests’ needs.
  • Raise customer retention.
  • Network with your guests on a whole new level.


Easy selling
of hotel services

Due to roompad, you have entirely new opportunities to please the needs of your guest. Thereby, you can increase your revenue easily.

  • Offer your guests personalized deals they wouldn’t expect.
  • Carry out precise cross- and up-selling campaigns.
  • Increase your RevPAR.


Systematically improve
service excellence

Service quality is, most of all, perceived through personal experiences. Therefore, your guests’ opinion depends essentially on the subjective benefit and not on the offered service.

  • Concentrate your knowledge and processes on the point of service.
  • A guest service in real-time that provides your guest with needed assistance – any time, anywhere.
  • A guest service that distinguishes you from your competitors.


Distinct analyses
with real-time data

By the use of roompad’s monitoring tool with its consistent user interface, you are able to evaluate each and every occurrence concerning your guests way more faster and easily so you can react in real-time. Check processes continuously and optimize your measures and plans according to the .

  • The dashboard is customizable and accessible from any place.
  • Real-time information, page impressions, active guests, bookings, feedback, etc.
  • Export feature for Excel and other third-party systems thanks to an API.


Easy management of roompad tablets

Thanks to the integrated roompad Mobile Device Management solution (MDM) you are able to integrate the roompad tablets into your existing hotel infrastructure, configure and update settings as well as determine restrictions. Security updates are conducted remotely. At the time of delivery all tablets are already inventoried in the system and can be assigned to the respective room effortlessly.

  • Automatic connecting with your defined hotel WiFi during initialization.
  • Central recall of device, WiFi, app and security statuses.
  • Automatic notification of your IT if a tablet is not working correctly.

What are the benefits of a hotelier using roompad?

Increase Sales

By using roompad, your revenue per room and therefore your RevPAR rises. Additional sales are achieved through e.g. F+B, wellness services as well as commissions for external services. .

Reduce Costs

Due to automated procedures, process costs can be reduced after a very short space of time. Moreover, the direct booking feature helps you saving OTA-fees.

Optimize efficiency

Thanks to roompad, less manual effort is required. As a consequence, your costs are decreasing and at the same time the revenue per employee increases.

Helpful tools to please your guests.

Easy to use

Intuitive web interface for efficient and easy usage by your employees.

Role-based privileges

Set up user privileges and configure them as needed – compliant to your privacy policies.

Customer Relationship Management

Customized and fully integrated CRM solution for a lasting and perfect connection with your guest.

Content Management System

Content management is conducted via intuitive frontside editing. This means that die editor has the same view on the content as the guest will have on the tablet.

Ticket Management System

No order is going to be lost - orders are automatically assigned to the corresponding department and are always showing their current state.

Digital Asset Management

Manage your pictures, videos and documents used in roompad and organize them quickly and intuitively.

Real-time communication

The chat module offers real-time translations to avoid misunderstandings and to reduce language barriers.

Service App Store

You are able to change or deactivate your individual service apps – or even add new ones – at any time.

Mobil Device Management

Central device overview showing state of charge, status, usage as well as WiFi information. Inventory and maintenance management of your tablets

Affiliate Management

Sell measurable boxes as advertisement space. The Affiliate Manager allows you to set up campaigns containing advertising material of your partners in combination with a landing page.

Innovational leap: Digital concierge with automatic translation

roompad offers a specially developed chat feature providing a translation service. Thus, the guest is able to chat in his mother tongue. His messages are being translated and shown to the member of the staff automatically and in real-time. The employee can answer in German or English as the text will be translated vice versa. This technology enables an optimal reduction of language barriers and ensures that the hotel is able to attend the guests’ wishes even better.

Central platform: For the perfect connection between guest and hotelier.

Your employees can use roompad on a very intuitive, efficient and simple user interface, accessible via web browser. Due to the integrated Content Management System, the central maintenance of your content is very easy. Manage your pictures, videos and documents in the roompad CMS and publish your content promptly on all tablets. A fully integrated CRM solution creates an ongoing and perfect connection to your guest.

The platform architecture of roompad.

The efficient platform architecture, with its different roompad core engines, provides the intelligent basis of the roompad guest hospitality platform. Through various apps, in which the hotel can offer their services to guests digitally, the entire interaction is conducted. The platform can not only be used with roompad ONE and PRO tablets but also with many other devices. As we are aware of the strongly increasing amount of devices we made sure to build a future-proof architecture.

Easy, safe and centrally managed

For all needs the
perfectly matching solution.

roompad Azure Cloud

Hyprid cloud solution

On Premise Inhouse

Hybrid encryption
for maximaum security.

4096 Bit encrypted

VPN secured

SSL encrypted

centralized overview.

Inventoried devices

Managed maintenance

Timed updates

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Digitisation ist omnipresent and influences all areas of our environment. Digitisation simplifies many things and is cross-linking people. Hotel business can benefit from this development in very specific way. The use of interactive digital media in the immediate vicinity of the guest, supports the core business of the hotel. It helps to fulfil the needs and desires of the guests and helps - in an intelligent form – to optimize the internal processes. The result is a sustainable and purposeful service for the guest!

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