The Digital Guest Journey
with roompad in your hotel!

With roompad, you stay focused at all times: on your guests!

The intelligent roompad platform enables you to make contact with your guests at any given time without spreading losses. No matter what part of the Digital Guest Journey your guest is in, you always have the matching tool in hand.

  • Pre-Stay: Before the stay you can send information of the hotel, the service and the surroundings to your guest. Communicate live with your guest and you emerge into a modern and attractive host.
  • Stay: Your guest uses the mobile check-in feature and is registered prior to his actual arrival. During his stay you are able to inform your guest about individual and special offers, upgrade offers and additional services. In case of critical guest-comments, you can immediately react with professional expertise.
  • Post-Stay: Check the degree of happiness and send new offers. Based on CRM data provide an answer to the guest’s requests and needs.