roompad - The digital guest folder

Hotelier Smart discovers roompad for his hotel.

roompad is the intelligent software platform for hotels, that is bringing your guest a special service on a 8" or 10" Guest Tablet based on Windows in the hotel room. roompad shows all important information about your hotel and enables usage of room service and the booking of spa treatments or local activites. Also reservations for restaurants and bars of the hotel can be done easily messaging and feedback is directly sent to the hotel staff. Furthermore roompad offers a wide range of multimedia features as well as shopping the hotel's souvenir shop. All hotel information are available in multiple languages around the clock.

Digital benefit for your guests

Roomservice, direct orederings of menus, meals and beverages into the room.
Reservations in the hotel's own restaurants & bars.
Spa offers easily bookable and determine an appointment.
Direct roombookings without OTA-fees
Message your guests about special deals in real-time.
Get feedback pushed directly into backoffice.
Interactive hotel folders, no paper needed anymore.
Current time, wake-up calls and weather information at a glace.
Multimedia games, eBooks, Internet & Co

Maximum benefit for you

Increase Sales

Reduce Costs

Optimize efficiency

Reliable invest

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