roompad magazine | roompad stays at your side when it comes to hotel-guest communication

The hotel guests of today are very much digital - on average each guest uses 1.8 devices during the stay and has increasing interest in digital hotel offers. stay

roompad digitalize your processes in your house and helps you to keep up with the needs and requirements of today.

On basis of our unique platform you are in a position to address your guests digitally on three steps of the guest journey:

  • Pre-Stay: before your guests arrive you send them information about your hotel, your services and your surroundings. Communicating live with your guests makes you an attractive and up to date host.
  • Stay: your guest uses the mobile check-in functionality and does the check-in on the way to your hotel. During the stay you can give your guest information about special offers, you can handle guest critique professionally and your guest can book additional services.
  • Post-Stay: ask your guest how satisfied she was, send her new information about offers or target her specific wishes with our CRM tool.

Your guests not only can use our roompad tablets in your hotel rooms, but also roompad app on smartphones (BYOD = bring your own device), checkin terminals, and of course on your TV devices. Our approach is a universal platform app and no matter what devices you have you always can offer digital services to your guests. You also can combine your devices depending on your needs and wishes: for example you put roompad tablets in your suites and the guest in the low price segment uses the roompad app. All our services are managed to 100% in the roompad Cloud - ensuring maximal security and user experience for your employees.

With our solution you have more satisfied guests, you get the latest innovations and you can focus on sales- and marketing campaigns to increase sales and to reduce costs by optimizing processes and workflows.

You think you can't do it? We would like to talk to you about it without any obligations and we create a ROI calculation for your house!