Easy Digitalization

Cloud, mobile, social media and big data are changing the development of society. Based on the internet they are enabling completely new business processes and models. Hotel guests are acting increasingly digital, bookings are made around the clock from at home, more and more via mobile devices and a number of booking websites and touristic apps.

Here all-new chances and possibilities for hotels are created: through the digital transformation of touch points with your guests you get the chance to permanently be in touch with them and to provide useful information to them by specifically addressing their needs (without any scattering losses).

Smart hotel rooms are bringing a noticeable extended gain on comfort: opening the room with the guest's own device, controlling room equipment with the in-room tablet or also via the app on the own device. Even here you are always in contact one-on-one with your guest. The connection between your systems you already use in your hotel and the roompad platform can create synergies to give your guests a perfect digital brand experienence.

The digitalization of complete business models is a cross-industry challange. With roompad you not only get a intelligent software platform, wie also support you by keeping track of your requirements and wishes.

The roompad team is happy to support you:

  • With the palling of your digital strategy and the implementation of the appropriate measures.
  • Support for the right hardware and infrastructure to smoothly digitalize your hotel.
  • With the integration of interfaces and connections to third-party applications like PMS, spa software, etc

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