Continuous Guest Journey

Your guests are coming into contact with hotels over very different „touch points“. Through the roompad platform the guest can have up to 8 touch points before, during and after the stay. The 1:1 guest communication is essential for a positive guest experience. With guest-centered applications like mobile apps, messaging systems or feedback tools a hotel can particularly influence how the guest is experiencing and rating the house's service offers. For a smooth interaction with the guest, roompad offers a tailored app and cloud solution. All components are working together with the central hotel management system. Guests can easily control lights, air conditioning, blinds and other in-room elements via app. The roompad platform delivers valuable information about the guest that hoteliers usually only get when using many different systems and only under enormous expense. Furthermore, print products such as guest folders and alike are unnecessary and can be removed from the room. Guests receive all information on a daily basis and in their native language. The hotelier can directly react on guest feedback before it's uploaded to rating websites and thus ensures a positive online reputation which in return increases the booking rates.

It is also possible to create direct sales, e.g. through roomservice or room bookings without OTAs. With roompad the hotelier reduces his costs, increases sales and, ensures more guest experience and clearly improves efficiency.

Reach your guests at any time, directly and without scattering loss. No matter in which state of the guest journey your guests are currently in, you always have the right tool to address your guests in every phase.

  • Pre-Stay: Before the stay you send useful information about your hotel to your guest, your services and your location – communicate live with your guests and show them you are a modern and attractive host
  • Stay: Your guests can use our check-in functionality so they are able to check-in before they actually arrive at your hotel. During the stay you can inform your guests individually about special offers, enable extra bookings and react on guest critics immediately and professional.
  • Post-Stay: Ask your guests about their satisfaction, make new offers and meet their specific needs based on the guest information provided by the CRM.

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